Friday, October 1, 2010

My New Skiller

So I have finally decided to create a "skiller". A "skiller", for those of you who don't know. Is a character who focuses on moneymaking skills such as woodcutting, fletching, mining and smithing oppose to combat related skills like range, strength or magic.

My Goals: (from most important to least)
1. Level 3 Combat
2. Level 99 Smithing
3. Level 99 Wooductting
4. Level 99 Fletching
5. Level 99 Herblore
6. Some sort of rare item (Santa Hat, H'ween Mask, Party Hat, etc.)

Someone of these goals may seem slightly far-fetched, but it will give me something to strive for!
Here is a picture of what I am currently at as far as these goals are concerned. I will continue to try and add an updated picture of how I am doing each blog I post!

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RS Veteran


  1. Well good luck with that, I can tell you if you're not botting then skillers can be very boring.

  2. Good luck buddy :D
    share the luv bro

  3. Thanks all! Check out my new blog post about dungeoneering as well!

  4. nice post check out my blogs guys its

    ill check all yours too!