Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RuneScape Mass Ban (26/09/10)

As a RuneScape veteran it has been nearly four years since I last remember such a bloodbath. In 2006 Moderator's at Jagex permanently banned roughly 15,000 players for "macroing" (otherwise known as botting or autoing). Recently an estimated 1500-3000players have been banned for the same offense. Many of the legitimate players in the world of RuneScape are rejoicing. It is suggested that due to the overwhelming number of people running bots, the Grand Exchange (RuneScape stock market) has plummeted deeply. Coal for example, a popular in game material, dropped from 275gp to a low of 243gp. It hasn't helped that recently Jagex has introduced "double XP weekends" urging players to take advantage of the extra available experience points, but not only legitimate players, macroers as well. Not only did many in game materials drop drastically during double XP weekends, but the number of players banned for macroing increased as well. It brings up the question, was double XP weekend truthfully a kind thing to offer the players of RuneScape? Or was it an attempt to flag those dishonest players using bots?

Regardless RuneScape has been having some difficulty lately; declining active accounts, numerous players breaking in game rules and general complaints from the community. As a veteran of this game, I truthfully cannot remember such an outrage since the switch from RSC to RS2. Which was undoubtedly one of the most controversial changes in the game to date. Another controversial moment for RS was the unfortunate removal of both the wilderness and the drop policy. In an attempt to make the game more fun and to prevent real world trading (trading in game items, currency and/or service for real life currency) Jagex removed two of the most fundamental aspects of RuneScape. After this massive update, active accounts dropped immensely. On the official RuneScape forums members of the community petitioned, questioned and begged for their beloved wilderness back, but Jagex wouldn't budge. Through trying to make their game a more peaceful and fair environment they may have lost a large percentage of their community.

Clearly RS has had its highs and lows, but that is just like anything else. Monthly they still have thousands of loyal subscribers paying for their members only benefits, proving that the game is by no means a lost cause. Something just seems to be off, and I hope soon enough Jagex can fix this.


RS Veteran.

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